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In spite of the recent release of WordPress 3.5, which took place in the middle of December, the WordPress core team is going to come up with new release. WordPress 3.6 will become available at the end of April. All users are certainly curious about the features that will be integrated to the newer version of this popular CMS. So do we therefore some research was done to point out the basic enhancements that will appear soon. Being excited about the changes we are going to cover what features are introduced this time.

Enhanced UI for Post Formats

WordPress 3.6 admin UI for posts

You, probably, know about the support that was delivered for post formats in WordPress 3.0, but the feature is still not prominent in the WP interface. With coming release new UI for post formats will be added. In this way we get an alternative to select post formats and switch between them. You, probably, saw it in your theme as they are connected to it and can be easily found in the dashboard. Every time you contribute to your WP blog, you can select the format from the list of available options.

Earlier alterations in the code were required to add microblogging functionality to WP. But people who are new to WordPress do not have a notion what to do about it. Some web developers apply different styling to various types of post. In this way quotes, links, videos or images and etc. can be displayed in different formats.

Post Revisions and Autosave Features

New WordPress 3.6 Posts Revisions

It is always great to be able to return to previously preserved data when you edit your post, but post revisions feature was far from being perfect before. Some improvements were promised to us in the future release. Probably, great revisions feature of Google Drive inspired the developers of WordPress to move in this direction. Many developers have already used a stab at mockups as kind of revision interface. We are going to get more information on revision feature with this update, so wait for its redesign!

Like post revisions, autosave feature is one of the most expected things to be added to WP for many webmasters working with WordPress. It is especially topical because all your efforts can be wasted due to corrupted posts. When that happens, long hours of hard work are thrown out! Just remember one of those incidents when you were trying to finish some work fast, doing it in the admin area. Next moment you suddenly realized that you were logged out already and you needed to start all anew. Desperate calls for help have been answered at last and enhanced login notifications will help you to avoid this unpleasant experience. You will not have to leave the page in WP 3.6 to re-login on it.

    With enhancement of this feature you will get the following:

  • Post locking will remove the possibility of simultaneous editing;
  • Warning pops up will inform that login is going to expire;
  • The changes are autosaved to the local storage;
  • Requests to the server are sent every 15 sec.

Menus and Better UI Management

WP 3.6 New Admin Menu

With enhanced menus the user interface becomes even more intuitive. Menu management appeared in WordPress 3.0 and became integral part of CMS. Now it is hard even to imagine that there can be a theme without menus support. The enhancement of this feature is expected in version 3.6. Dave Martin suggested on trac the way it should be done. The main things addressed is a distinction between adding to the menu and adding of menu to the theme. It was offered to make this distinction in UI via tabbed windows.

Besides, new default links will appear, such as “Home” and “Log in”. Some users have problems with adding such links without professional assistance. Menu system is not clear to beginners at present, but it will be much easier to create menus and manage them in new version of WP.

Twenty Thirteen

Twenty Thirteen WordPress

The first drafts of Twenty Thirteen also appeared last week. The theme is really amazing. Its playful, warm and bright design is intended to make people more active in blogging. It is supplied with nice icons that can be scaled to the desired resolution. It features backgrounds of different colors: each post has different background, which is the original solution. Though the sidebar can also be added, it still looks much better without it, while the posts are displayed in a single-column layout. As for the widgets, they should be placed in the footer.

The design is perfectly displayed in any size and on different devices.

Some other enhancements will be introduced in the version of upcoming release and will change the core code, security features and other things. This will become a big update with many remarkable advanced options. Ongoing development of WordPress brings many pleasant emotions and raises creative output of all loyal users. Hopefully, people working with content in the admin area will love WordPress even more!

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