About LenSlider

About another WordPress plugin: LenSlider

Yet another WordPress plugin: LenSlider

LenSlider plugin creates a beautiful visual CSS3/jQuery sliders for blogs and websites on the WordPress platform. You can showcase the most important information in the slider, where images and videos can be presented.

The first version of the plugin was released at 17th November 2012 was liked by many users and has multiple positive reviews. The plugin has reached about 20,000 downloads by now. The author received many comments and suggestions concerning the use of the plugin. The bugs were corrected and the suggestions were taken into consideration when the second version of LenSlider was made.


LenSlider2 has been considerably enhanced with regard to users opinions and plans that were set right from the start. But it does not mean that the work is over. The author is always ready to answer the questions and help users solve their problems if something does not work properly for some reason.

One of the major goals set is the convenience of WP users. The plugin was optimized for the latest version of WordPress — 3.5. It was carefully coded in the best development traditions to provide smooth work and excellent result. The aim was reached and now it is your turn to assess it.

The author shares the product with you for no fee! You can get perfect visualization of news, advertising, commercial banners and other staff you consider important without any charge and limitations. You can create as many sliders as you wish. Insert a slider to the post or page using the shortcode and enjoy the beauty of your webpage!

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