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A small info about me

Hi, I'm Igor. I am a Russian WordPress developer from great city Saint-Petersburg. I have been working with WordPress as developer since 2007. One day I thought about creating jQuery based Slider plugin that will be clean and easy-manage for users, and did it. Name «LenSlider» contains two words and sounds means in Russian «Leningradskiy Slider», English translation is «Slider from Leningrad», so Leningrad is an old name of Saint-Petersburg before 1991. So enjoy. Also I like ASP.NET MVC Framework, Moodle LMS and Zend Framework.

I like hard projects that make my think, because I was educated in World-known IT University: St. Petersburg State University of IT, Mechanics and Optics that was World Champions at International Collegiate Programming for four times.

Igor Sazonov

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If you have messages for me, please send them to me via the following contact form.

If You have idea to improve the plugin, please use form at Suggest idea page. Also if You found a BUG, feel free to report it at Report BUG page.

Note: If you're looking for support for LenSlider, please use the free support forum on WordPress.org or site forum.

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