LenSlider is a FREE WordPress plugin to create visual sliders

Today sites often uses sliders or carousels to emphasize visitors for blog post or online-store product. LenSlider is your assistant for easy integration such sliders to your WordPress site.

LenSlider main features

The main grouped features of the LenSlider are listed below.

  • You don't depend on the particular slider design. Just use or develop a skin you like for individual slider.

  • Any that is possible. Modern CSS3 effects in combination with jQuery effects work wonders!

  • Create such sliders as you want! But don't be crazy, recommended is up to 1200 banners in summary.

  • Adjust your slider with a lot of params such as slider skin, autoplay delay time or margin.

  • A lot of sliders contains thumbnails in manage, so you can upload, crop or autoresize it.

  • Maximum of security for code: OOP power, special WP nonces check & AJAX http requests check.

  • All LenSlider data stores as serialized array in one field, so just one query. WP Cache support for slider output.

  • LenSlider stay tuned most of WordPress core updates to be modern for all users.

  • Easy slider banners sortable management. Just drag it to make your banners order.


I've tried and used many slider plugins for WordPress, one that I've paid good money for too, and by far this is my favorite! It's clean, it's simple, and it's very easy to use. Oh, and it's free! It's also fast! Fast loading on my blog landing page, and it's not taxing the server like so many other slider plugins I've used.

Joe Streno

This is a good slider that offers skin and output options that I couldn't find in any other jquery plugin (Specifically titles to the side with corresponding slides) It gets the job done well and very customizable. Fast support too.


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